Mark Pappas-LPL Investment Advisor Representative                                                 

Mark Pappas is president of Mark Pappas Financial & Insurance Services, Inc..  He started his career as an independent insurance broker in 1988 with Ruffino & Associates, Inc., and later formed his own company in 1999.  Mark Pappas is an Investment Advisor Representative with LPL Financial.  His goal is to establish a long-term relationship with you based on trust and mutual understanding.  He has been helping clients with their long-term investment goals, IRA's, SEP IRA's and 401(k) Plans since 1995.  As an Investment Advisor Representative, he can help manage his clients investments through the Strategic Asset Management (SAM) Platform, which is an Advisory Platform that offers over 5,500 funds from more than 400 fund families.  He will create a personal Asset Allocation Plan to pursue his clients individual long-term goals that include their time horizon and their ability to tolerate risk.  Once the client completes the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, he is able to recommend the proper Asset Allocation Model.  Is your current investment portfolio consistant with your risk tolerance?

Potential Client Benefits of a Fee-Based Relationship (Advisory Platform)

Objective advice, Fee transparency, More holistic wealth management, Ongoing investment management.

The end result is that client's investments can be managed in the way that most benefits them.

As an LPL Financial Advisor, I am free to choose the products and services that address my client's needs because LPL Financial does not offer any proprietary products.  This committment to objective financial advice helps to preserve the integrity of my investment advice.  For decades, the firm has served as an enabling partner to financial advisors, supporting us in our goal of helping to protect and grow our clients wealth.  I am proud to be part of the LPL Financial team and I am confident that you will be pleased with the range of services that are available.